• Our Results

    Access As of 2015, the Eco-pads team had provided over 20,000 girls with access to our sanitary pads! By February 2016, over 45,000 girls had been reached! To test our

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  • The Issue

    When a girl starts puberty she may feel too shy or embarrassed to talk about topics like her first period – even if she’s desperate to share her feelings or

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  • Our Model

    The premise is simple: help a generation of teenage girls in Uganda take charge of their bodies and health, so that their full potential can be released. We believe that by

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About Us

For girls, adolescence marks an important transition from childhood to womanhood. In Uganda, significant portions of young women begin to dropout or fall behind in their studies following these critical hormonal changes. Though there is an effort to increase girls' retention rates in school, lack of basic needs, like sanitary napkins are observed to deter girls' school-attendance in rural Uganda.

“During my period, I mostly use rags and sometimes toilet paper, but I am most comfortable when I just do not go to school,” admits Annette Mirembe of Kitwara Primary School.

She is not alone. Over and over again female students report having difficulty attending class attentively due to menstrual related problems such as pain and fear of sudden menstrual blood leakage, as most cannot afford disposable sanitary napkins. The management of menstruation has recently emerged as a promising domain for international interventions with the ultimate goal of increasing and reinforcing girls’ schooling. Which is where we come in! Our absorbent pads are affordably priced and sustainably produced. Our staff is committed and passionate. Our cause is important. Join us in helping girls glide over yet another barrier to education!