About Us

As any Ugandan woman can tell you, local women try using a variety of different apparatuses when dealing with their periods. For most women, traditional sanitary napkins are out of the question because of the high costs, and even fabric rags can be very hard for poor families to obtain. As a result we find young women using a variety of things such as “mattresses, dried leaves, and cow dung”, and while at school, they often pick up “paper from the classroom”. In addition to a high risk of infection from dirty and damp materials, these alternatives cause physical discomfort and frequently leak. It is no wonder that these girls feel uncomfortable attending school during this time of month!

20160121_111528-1 - CopyUnlike these dangerous alternatives, our sanitary pads will address the need to have affordable, but high quality pads for women and girls who do not typically have access. At Eco-pads we believe the possession of hygienic and comfortable menstruation materials is not a luxury, but rather a human right that all women deserve. Comfort and reliability is the ultimate aim of this product. Our staff is dedicated to making these pads affordable and high quality. Most of the pads can be reused for at least five years, which means five years of not having to buy disposable pads each month. All of our pads are made of cotton or flannel and are soft, absorbent, breathable, and conform to the body. Furthermore, they do not have the traditional plastic backing, which can chafe and irritate skin and bunch in uncomfortable ways. Here at Eco-pads we strive to help each woman experience menstruation in as much comfort as possible!