Future Goals

DSCN0632Eco-Pads is committed to progress. As we grow, we are working to expand our impact to even more girls. In order to increase our influence, Allutah holdings ltd is working hard toward the following business goals:

  • To improve on the income levels of 7 young women through production and sell of 14,400 sanitary pad kits per year environmentally friendly and reusable sanitary pads annually in the first year and targeting increase by 10% in the second and third year
  • To offer employment among 10 young women through production and sell 14,400 eco-pads per year in Kibuku district.
  • To empower 1000 girls to stay in school through production and sale of 14,400 environmentally friendly and reusable pads per year in Kibuku district, Uganda.
  • To work towards maximization of profits by selling 14,400 eco-pads each year for the first four years.
  • To have the presence of the company’s products in all leading shops and supermarkets throughout the country by 2016
  • To acquire a delivery van by 2016