Our Team

20150325_133008The Eco-pads team is more than a collection of hired hands. We are a dedicated and passionate group of individuals. We blend traditional values with progressive thinking. We create, we learn, and we refine.

Lucy-AthienoEco-pads was founded in 2013 by Lucy Athieno, and has since expanded. Lucy has continued her work as the Operations Supervisor to ensure the quality of the product, and explore future market growth. As of 2015, we have four dedicated young adults working at the production site, and a small marketing staff. Ecopads is devoted to providing fair-wage employment opportunities within the local communities, and we hope to continue welcoming new members to our family as the business grows. We are very excited about the potential of our current Eco-pads team, and are proud to say that all of our staffers are 100% committed to the success of the girls we work with.